Sunday, September 28, 2008

Artista da semana (Setembro 28 - Outubro 4) - Eric Susoeff

Artista da semana - Eric Susoeff

Well known to local jazz enthusiasts, guitarist and composer Eric Susoeff has been part of the Pittsburgh music scene since his debut with Harold Betters at the Encore in 1976. Offering a warm, bluesy, full-bodied sound, he has played with a long list of local and international luminaries including: Dizzy Gillespie, David Amram, Roger Williams, Charo, Frankie Avalon, Marty Allen, Eric Kloss, Frank Cunimondo, Gene Ludwig, Pete Henderson, Dave & Maureen Budway, Sandy Staley, Kenia, Roger Humphreys, H.B. Bennett, Kenny Blake, Walt Harper, Nathan Davis, Don Aliquo, John Wilson and many others. His primary focus continues to be his Latin jazz quintet Salsamba, founded in 1984, which has played to clubs, festivals and colleges throughout the U.S. The group receintly released their fifth recording titled "Brazilia." Past releases (MAMBO IN BLUE, MAMBO DEL SOL, LATINVENTIONS, THE TRAVELER) all received critical acclaim.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Artista da Semana (Setembro 14- 20) - Patricia Mello

PATRÍCIA MELLO, cantora, compositora e instrumentista (violão), de Porto Alegre/RS - Brasil

Artista da semana (Setembro 21- 27) - Joy Bellis

Joy cresceu num pequeno povo em Pennsylvania. Sempre sonhou cantar na cidade de Nova Iorque. Hoje faz 9 anos que canta música Jazz e Brasileira em Nova Iorque e em todo o mundo. Seu primeiro cd, Coming Alive, foi lançado no 2006, e recebeu críticas muito boas. Joy foi reconhecida recentemente como uma das melhores 525 cantoras de Jazz de acordo ao respeitado critico Scott Yanow.

Growing up in a small town in rural eastern Pennsylvania, Joy always had dreams of performing in New York City. She has now been doing that for the past 9 years, singing her fresh interpretations of favorites from the American jazz repertoire and Brazilian tradition, in NYC and around the world. Her first full-length CD, Coming Alive, was released in 2006 to excellent reviews, and displays her soulful style, warm tones and intelligent phrasing. Joy was recently named as one of the top 525 jazz singers of all time by respected L.A. critic, Scott Yanow.