Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Artista da Semana (abril 25 - maio 1)- Andrea Brachfeld

Flutist, composer, arranger, producer, educator, business owner, Andrea Brachfeld, is a graduate of The High School of Music and Art and Manhattan School of Music. Over these past 30 years she has recorded more than a dozen CD's with many artists including, Wayne Wallace, Bobby Carcasses, Africando, Oscar Hernandez (Spanish Harlem Orchestra) and Timbalaye. Her breakthrough performance as the flutist for the popular Latin band Charanga '76, catapulted her into Salsa history and fame as the first female flutist to play this music in the United States. While in high school she received the "Louis Armstrong Award for Outstanding Student" from Jazz Interactions . Study with Hubert Laws, Jimmy Heath, and Mike Longo helped her develop her own style. Downbeat magazine referred to Andrea as "one of the finest jazz flutists around." She has twice been the recipient of the Latin New York Music Award as a flutist. She has performed with Dave Valentin, Nestor Torres, Tito Puente, and Ray Barretto among others. While in Venezuela, she had the honor of opening for Chick Corea, and Paco de Lucia. She was recently awarded the Chico O'Farrill Lifetime Achievement Award from Latin Jazz USA. Her first Latin Jazz CD, "Remembered Dreams" combines Latin originals with contemporary jazz cuts. Her second CD, "Back With Sweet Passion", is a dynamic Salsa recording featuring Grammy winner Oscar Hernandez on piano, and Alfredo De La Fey on violin. Her third CD "Beyond Standards" is a collaborative effort with Chembo Corniel, featuring jazz greats Hilton Ruiz on piano and Steve Turre on trombone. She has appeared with the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra as a soloist performing her own compositions as well as those of Mike Longo, longtime musical director for Dizzy Gillespie. She is currently performing with her own group Phoenix Rising, and her latest Latin Jazz CD is ,"Into the World: A Musical Offering" with guest artists Mike Longo, Paul West and Brian Lynch.


* Louis Armstrong Award for Outstanding Student from Jazz Interactions
* Latin New York Music Award - Twice the recipient for flutist
* Chico O'Farrill Lifetime Achievement Award - Latin Jazz USA
* Tribute to Women in Salsa - Salsation Productions, Washington DC
* Nominated as Best Latin Jazz flutist - Chip Boaz - Latin Jazz Corner

Monday, April 26, 2010

Artista da Semana (abril 18 - 24) - Mart'nalia

Daughter of samba legend Martinho da Vila, Mart’nália was born and bred in the heart of the Rio
de Janeiro samba scene. Today she is one of Brazil’s most exciting new
artists, ready to carry the classic rhythms of Rio into the future.
Performing with her full band from Rio, Mart’nália is samba. Her CD’s
have been produced by legends and icons like Maria Bethania, Caetano
Veloso and Celso Fonseca. Chico Buarque sings duets with the young
artist. And everyone in Brazil, from lovers of classic styles to hipster
cariocas, has fallen in love with the music of Mart’nalia.
Mart’nália: born to the samba tradition

As a child, she would follow her father to the samba sessions of Vila Isabel. Soon she was dancing samba, and eager to be a full-fledged
sambista, she learned to play guitar, tambourine, and sing. 1985, she
started recording a few things “just for fun”, but her talent was
immediately recognized, and her first album was released, “Mart’nália
(3M//music manager, Ruy Quaresma). In 1995, her second album was
released: “Minha Cara” (ZFM//music manager, Ivan Machado). In 2002 she
released the acclaimed “Pé do Meu Samba” (Natasha Records), which she
considered her “real thing.” Produced by Celso Fonseca and directed by
Caetano Veloso, the CD was highly praised by the media and led to a long
run of live performances, which were recorded on DVD. Next came
“Mart’nália ao Vivo” in 2004 (Natasha Records). This time, the singer
took personal charge of the music production and the show was directed
by Marcia Alvarez, also in charge of the screenplay. This live album was
recorded at Olimpo/Rio de Janeiro, and had as special guests: Caetano
Veloso, Celso Fonseca, Djavan, Martinho da Vila, Moska and Zélia Duncan.

Her most recent recording, “Menino do Rio,” was released in 2006 on the Quitanda label, owned by diva Maria Bethânia who also performed on
the album, contributed with art direction, and “her” conductor Jaime
Alem, for the music direction. This
diversified album includes the song “Cabide,” a gift from
singer/composer Ana Carolina – chosen as the sound track for a popular
“novella” (a type of Brazilian soap opera) directed by Gilberto Braga.

During her entire career, Mart’nália has been a sought-after and active performer and important presence in the Brazilian music scene, in
shows throughout Brazil and Europe.
Shows & reviews

Since 2002, when “Pé no Samba” as a live show was still a project, Mart’nália decided she would always invite a friend to share the
performance. The idea was to re-create the open, relaxed atmosphere of
the rodas de samba. The best moment, she thought, would be right after
the “voice and guitar”: the guest would perform his songs, maybe a
different version of her songs, and they could sing in duet. It worked,
and the stage of Pé no Samba received artists such as Alcione, Beth
Carvalho, Caetano Veloso, Celso Fonseca, Fernanda Abreu, Geraldo
Azevedo, Ivan Lins, Jussara Silveira, Lenine, Luiz Melodia, Martinho da
Vila, Moska, Pedro Luís, Sandra de Sá, Zélia Duncan, Zé Renato and Toni
Garrido. What happened? Every performance became unique – creative
samba, always on the move.

In November, she accepted an invitation from Caetano Veloso and took part in the Projeto Pão Music, held at the park Ibirapuera, São
Paulo. In Rio de Janeiro, she sang at the Canecão, together with her
father, Martinho da Vila. These shows were part of the “Projeto Música
Popular Brasileira”. From there she went on, doing a number of concerts
in Portugal. Many more shows followed.
Some highlights of the last few years:

• Mart’nália had two show seasons: one every week at the Centro Cultural
Carioca (on Wednesdays), and one every Sunday at Melt.
• She took part in “Show da Mangueira”, singing with Djavan at the
Canecão and with Emílio Santiago at Tom Brasil, in São Paulo.
• By February, the DVD “Mart’nália ao Vivo” was out, celebrated with a
party at Modern Sound, a cult record store in Rio.
• May 1st; she performed at “Encontros Tim”. Held in Copacabana beach,
the show also brought Marcelo D2, Marisa Monte and Paulinho da Viola.
• May 13 celebrates the Brazilian freedom from slavery, and a beautiful
event took place at the headquarters of Escola de Samba de Vila Isabel.
Also invited were Sandra de Sá and Zélia Duncan.
• June: Mart’nália’s European Tour started in Italy, with the 15th Latin
American Festival, in Milano. Next, she went to the cities of Porto and
Lisboa – Portugal – and from there she landed at Espaço Brasil/França,
in Paris. To round up the Tour, her last show took place in Roma.
• November: the 5th CD was recorded, with art direction of Maria
Bethânia and music direction of Jaime Alem.

February: Release of “Menino do Rio.” Eclectic in style, the CD shows
unique interpretations of :
• “Menino do Rio”, a classic from Caetano Veloso.
• “Estácio Holly Estácio”, a classic from Luiz Melodia.
• “Cabide”, from Ana Carolina (became a hit song).
• “A Origem da Felicidade”, a partido alto (tradicional samba), with
Celso Fonseca, drums and percussion of Bateria da Vila Isabel.
• “São Sebastião” has the swing of Totonho Villeroy and the voice of
Maria Bethânia.
• “Soneto do teu corpo”, with successful pop music partners Moska and
• “Só Deus é quem sabe”, a romantic song from Guilherme Arantes.
• “Nas águas de Amaralina”, by Nelson Rufino and Martinho da Vila.
• “Casa da minha comadre”, by Roque Ferreira and Jorge Agrião.
• “Boto meu povo na rua” by Arlindo Cruz, Acyr Marques and Ronaldinho
• “Essa mania” (with Paulinho Moska)
Martn’ália’s father, the great samba lengend, Martinho da Vila writes:

“The name “Mart’nália” was an invention, a mixture of my own name, Martinho, and that of her late mother Anália. What a singer she is! Her
voice is sweet, dark, and swinging, with a distinct and unique timbre.
She also dances, plays guitar and almost every Brazilian percussion
instrument. God bless you, Mart’nália!”

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Artista da Semana (abril 11 -17) - Yasmine Seydi

Artista da Semana - Yasmine Seydi


Yasmine Seydi immense love of music and dance is undoubtedly influenced by her rich cultural heritage. Her
journey began in Ziguinchor, Senegal, where she was born, then raised
in France only to follow her heart to Brazil. She began her artistic
career as a dancer with the Brasil Tropical a large troop of forty
and musicians. After touring the globe several times and appreciating
all the different expressions of each country she nonetheless was drawn
back to the melting pot of Brazil and its mix of interbreeding and

Three years later she returns to France where she continues her
course as a dancer performing with various dance groups and cabarets,
and participating in TV broadcasts along side the singers. Music and
dance is Yasmine’s universe, here these two disciplines unfold and
entwine in choreographic harmony. Her passion is directed towards
songs which she studies with Rolando Faria, jazz with Michele Hendricks
and Viviane Ginapé who are within the framework of L' IACP(school of
jazz in Paris) and also with Sara Lazarus at the Bill Evans Academy
piano in Paris.

Yasmine Seydi est née à Ziguinchor au Sénégal, elle a grandi en France puis a vécu au Brésil. Elle porte en elle ses multiples influences ce à quoi
un amour immodéré de la musique et de la danse.

Elle débute sa carrière artistique comme danseuse au sein de la troupe « Brasil Tropical »qui regroupe
une quarantaine de danseurs et musiciens. Après de nombreuses tournées
et après avoir parcouru les scènes du monde entier, elle réside durant
trois années au Brésil, son pays d’adoption et aussi celui de
et du métissage.

De retour en France elle poursuit son parcours professionnel de danseuse dans différents groupes de danse,

cabarets et participe à des émissions télévisées aux côtés de
chanteurs de variétés.

La musique et la danse font partie de son univers chorégraphique. Ces deux disciplines se déployant dans un espace commun, Yasmine se passionne naturellement pour le chant
et étudie la musique brésilienne avec Rolando Faria, le jazz avec
Michelle Hendricks et Viviane Ginapé dans le cadre de l’IACP (école
de jazz à Paris) ainsi qu’avec Sara Lazarus à la Bill Evans piano
Academy à Paris.

Chanteuse et meneuse de revue dans divers cabarets et salles de spectacles (Pau Brasil, Pharaon…) elle se produit aussi dans plusieurs club de jazz et salles de concerts
avec sa formation musical (7 Lézards, festival de St Denis2007, Festival

« Cores do Brasil », Blue Note (Paris), Casino de Lille, Casinos Lucien

Es posible que tu navegador no permita visualizar esta imagen.


Le groupe est composé de trois musiciens (piano, basse, batterie) mais nous pouvons aussi nous produire
en formation réduite : piano, voix ou guitare, voix.

Le répertoire est basé sur la musique brésilienne (Bossa Nova) et le Jazz, à écouter ou à danser.

Il est adapté aussi bien aux concerts qu’aux réceptions et soirées thématiques.

Un voyage saisissant dans l'univers chaleureux et chaloupé de la musique brésilienne.

Une interprète à la voix d'une douceur envoûtante qui semble planer au dessus de la musique pour venir s'y poser avec une grâce infinie.

De Rosa Passos à Jobim en passant par Djavan et Gilberto Gil, Yasmine et sa voix de velours explorent un répertoire poétique, sensuel et généreux !

Not only, over many years performing as an entertainer in music and
dance at various cabarets and shows (Pau Brasil, Pharaon…) , she also
has appeared in several jazz clubs and concert halls (7 Lézards,
of St Denis2007, Festival “ Cores do Brasil, Blue Note(Paris), Casino
de Lille, Casino de Saint Jean de Monts…).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Artista da Semana (abril 4 - 10) - Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd’s music is less about following a particular tradition than it is about expressing a creative spirit; she is an artist looking to share her take
on the world. Which is not surprising coming from someone who grew up
in a highly musical family, living all over Canada and France, played
tenor horn in the Salvation Army brass band where her parents were
ministers, had an early love-affair with hip-hop music, only to wind up
studying French poetry, and eventually, classical and jazz piano at
McGill University.

Her multiple industry accolades have landed her 2 Juno nominations (Canada’s Grammy equivalent), tours in Europe and across and North America,
Japan, and most recently, a show at the legendary Hollywood Bowl with
Jamie Cullum & Count Basie Orchestra. Fans and critics have drawn
comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Rickie Lee
Jones. And what these names all share is both an accessibility and a
distinctness – that quality people can’t quite pin down.

Depending on what the song calls for, Shepherd always draws upon her roots – be it Salvation Army origins, poetic singer-songwriter lyricism, the modal
inflections of world music, simple and sassy pop, infectiously deep
hip-hop grooves, or the harmonic complexities of jazz. Her tunes are
always a departure from convention; yet one never has the sense of
leaving the home she weaves on stage and invites us to be part of.