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viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

Artista da Semana (setembro 13 - 19) - Jussanam

Artista da Semana - Jussanam


The Icelandic voice of Bossa Nova

Borned in Rio de Janeiro,Jussanam da Silva,grew up with the carioca Samba and Bossa Nova. Besides her singing, Jussanam became an actress in various novelas (soap operas) in Brazilian TV. In the play "Adoraveis Romeu e Julieta" she also became the first black Juliet ever in Brazilian theater. She was also actress in the play indicated 5 times to Shell's Prize in 2005, "O Santo Parto" by Lauro César Muniz.
Jussanam now lives in Reykavik in Iceland where she sucessfully collaborates with bassist Tomas Einarsson, one of Islands foremost Jazz musicians. With Tomás R. Einarsson and his band , Jussanam sang on TV program with highest audience in Iceland, Kastljós, in 2008 .
"Tomás R. Einarsson is my musical Godfather" says her

In Sweden she collaborates with Swedish pianist Harald Erici, with who she did shows in Gothemburg in February 2009.
Actually, She has a band of the respected musicians in Iceland and we destac Haukur Gröndal that is one of the best saxophonist in Iceland and Thordur Högnasson, contra-bass ex Björk musician that recorded Gling-Gló and others important Cds.
Jussanam has been warming the Icelandic audience with your voice and the best of the brazilian music, with her’s Icelandic Band: Haukur Grondal(Sax), Asgeir Asgeirsson(Guitar),Thordur Hognasson(Contra Bass) and Erik Qvick (Drumms). The most important shows in Iceland are:
- Icelandic National Day -17th june 2009 at Austurvollur -Reykjkavik

- Mullin Jazz Klubbur -2009

- Arts Summer Festival in Akureyri 2009

- Reykjavik Jazz Festival 2009 (with the Icelandic finest pianist Agnar Már Magnússon)

The CD "Ela é Carioca" with songs by Tom Jobim was recorded live at Tonn studio,in Reykjavik, giving to CD an athmospheric and spontaneus feeling. The propose of the CD was to record the songs how them have been presented in her show around Iceland.

Below is a critic article from the news paper in Iceland, about her first show in Iceland by Vernhard Linnet, jazz critic:

“Hot Samba on a cold night"

Is there anything sweeter than a Brazilian samba, specially if it is of an Bossa Nova origin and created by the master Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim?

…Tvelve of these songs could be heard at the Gauknum performed by the Brazilian singer Jussanam da Silva and the quartet of Tomas R. Einarssonar bass player and Matti Hemstock on drums, and the brothers Oskar and Omar Gudjonsson on sax and guitar. Da Silva sang twelve of Jobim’s songs and naturally among the fantastic collection some guests where missing there favourite songs. By my side was a grate singer who wanted to hear “Insensatez” but the song pearls where many from the opening song “Dindi” to the last one “Samba de Uma Nota So”. Da Silva sang songs that most of the guests knew, like “Desafinado” and Garota de Ipanema”. She also performed “ A Felicidade” and “Triste” and songs rather unfamiliar to me. The Girl from Rio (Ele e Carioca), which is where Da Silva is originally from, and “Favela” which of the Jobim songs is the one most resembling a N-American musical song play of the Jobims songs that I have heard.

Da Silva is possibly related to the Brazilian athletic jumper who snatched the gold from our Vilhelm in the past, at the Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. But she is charming singer with a good voice- …but what toped the night for me was the singing in Portuguese which I find the most beautiful language to sing in…. Tomas and Matthias where a solid erythematic duo in the southern swing.

A lovely night that warmed the root of one’s heart in the cold of the night.

Vernhard Linnet.

29. February 2008

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