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sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2008

Artista da semana - Connie Lansberg (Novembro 16-22)

Artista da Semana - Connie Lansberg

Connie Lansberg, born in LA and schooled in London, started out as a songwriter before launching onto the live scene in Melbourne and while enjoying the experience of singing songs written by the greatest songwriters ever, her real joy is singing her own compositions played by talented jazz musicians. With the help of some of the VCA’s top players, Tom Jovanovic (trumpet) James Bower (Piano) James Gilligan (Bass) Pete Hodges (drums) Connie Lansberg treats her audience to her melodic and sometimes dark stories, much in vein of June Christy’s “Night People”. She pays tribute to June Christy’s song choice as well with versions of “Something Cool” and Everything happens to Me” along with some of June’s happier tunes like “I’m in Love.


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